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Amherst Group Customer Testimonial

Kenna: So if we could start with your name and your position and the company you work for. 

Jesse: Jesse Northington. I’m the Senior Voice Systems Engineer for Amherst Group. 

Kenna: What does Amherst do as a company? 

Jesse: We are an investment management company, specifically real estate investment management. So we collect investment funds from major institutional investors and help them purchase, stabilize, and transfer real estate assets. 

Kenna: What challenges, if any, did your business face and what ultimately led you guys to wanting to get the Ternio mobile app? 

Jesse: That’s easy. There was a hole in the technology feature offering with our current cloud contact center provider that the Ternio mobile app filled. Specifically, mobile agent capability was not a thing. And we started asking for it months before it became a thing. There was just no mobile agent capability whatsoever with the Five9 contact center platform until the Ternio mobile app filled that gap. 

Kenna: How do you as a company use our product on a day to day and how has that process been for you? 

Jesse: It’s super easy because of the support organization that the Ternio mobile app has in place. It’s really turnkey for your contact center administration folks, because they set it all up for you, and then all you have to do is move the names into a box and then suddenly they can download the Ternio mobile app app and start performing agent functions on their mobile device. That’s huge for us, because as a real estate company, we have lots of people that need to make and take business calls while not traditionally being in an office setting. We have real estate agents and professionals buying and selling homes, touring homes, and these types of things that really need the ability to run their business from anywhere. So the Ternio mobile app solves that problem for you quickly and easily. 

Kenna: How have you guys benefited from using the Ternio mobile app? Obviously, I know you mentioned agents needing to be able to be remote and how it’s helped in that way, but is there anything else? 

Jesse: It’s really the ability for some of your high functioning agents to be able to make and take calls wherever. Also, that you get all your metrics. So anybody can make and take phone calls on a mobile device, but then you’re reporting capability and all of the metadata that you get from making and taking customer interactions on a contact center platform, you get the best of both worlds. You get the mobility and the trackability, call recording, quality, workforce management and optimization. You get it all when you add the Ternio mobile app to your contact center platform. 

Kenna: What would you say to other businesses who are facing the similar challenge you guys ere, or as you mentioned before, have this gap, or any business that doesn’t currently utilize this mobile workforce? 

Jesse: Don’t hesitate. It’s really no risk to the organization. It’s cheap. It’s easy. It works. 

Jonathan White
Jonathan White